Cruise in Bangkok

The Chao Phraya River & Bangkok’s Canals (Khlongs): A number of canals, along with the Chao Phraya River provide memorable vignettes of traditional waterborne way-of-life that has remained essentially unchanged over the centuries.

Cruise in Bangkok

This beautiful watery expanse of Bangkok has earned for it the epithet ‘Venice of the East’. Most of these canals have survived from the Nineteenth-century. The canals and the river can be conveniently explored by chartered boat or cruise.

Vision of Bangkok via Cruise


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Vision Bangkok via Cruise


Dinner Cruise: Riverine Bangkok offers some of the capital’s most arresting sights. The Sunset over the Chao Phraya is breathtakingly beautiful. At night when the weather is cooler and light reflections bestow the Chao Phraya River with flickering lights, one feels as if one is enjoying a heavenly experience.

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