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Jim Thompson Museum : Jim Thompson was an American who first came to Thailand towards the end of World War II. Upon leaving the military service, he returned to Thailand, became interested in Thai art and culture and helped revived the Thai cottage industry of silk weaving. He built a number of houses which are collectively called Jim Thompson Museum which contains a priceless collection of Asian objects d’ art.

Jim Thompson Museum

Chaloem Krung Royal Theatre: Opened in 1933, this theatre specialises in performances of ‘Khon’ – traditional Thai dances of around two hours in duration which carry a storyline based on aspects of Thai history and ancient Thai myths and legends. Thai dramas and plays are also often held. It is located on Charoen Krung Road (New Road) near the Old Siam Plaza.


Chaloem Krung Royal Theatre


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 Traditional Thai Puppet Theatre "Joe Louis Theater" : It presents the Hun Lakhon Lek puppet show. The establishment of this theatre was inspired by the intention of Master Sakhon. It is a A puppet performance that you can not see else where in the world but Thailand. During performance, you will see the puppeteers will not stay behind the scene but be part of the scene as well. The establishment of this theatre was inspired by Master Joe Louis, a National Artist of 1996, with the intention of preserving the art of operating Hun Lakhon Lek puppets. Here you can watch the performance of the story of Ramakian, the Thai version of the Ramayana. You will be mesmerized by the the incredibly lifelike human movements of each puppet and see how the puppeteers bring their puppet to life.

Joe Louis Theater

Patravadi Theatre: Located on the far banks of the Chao Phraya River, this theatre is a training ground for Thai artists and it also showcases classical and contemporary work.
Famous for its lavish productions, this outdoor theatre has made a name for itself for its modern adaptations of classical Asian literature, with each play demonstrating an ingenious blend of various theatrical techniques.

Patravadi Theatre

Siam Niramit: Siam Niramit is a world-class performance of Thailand's arts and cultural heritage. It is set in the heart of Bangkok affording convenient access by MRT subway and major thoroughfares. It is a ‘must-see’ show performed on the gigantic stage which is now listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. The show is staged by more than 150 performers in a luxurious theatre with a capacity of more than 2,000 seats. It has state-of-the-art cultural performances which have become famous all over the world. It uses special techniques integrated with drama to depict the history of each region of Thailand including depictions about hells, the forest of Himmaphan, heavens and lands beyond imagination from Thai literature.

Siam Niramit








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