Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is called "Krungthep" which means The City of Angels. Indeed it is so beautiful that this name seems justified. Apart form being the centre of commercial and economical activities of Thailand, the city has big range of cultural attractions for the tourists.

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The city is famous for its versatility and multiple points of interests, which include the Royal residences, the temples and other religious sites, the recently opened Bangkok Art and Culture Center, as well as many other galleries and museums. Bangkok also boasts of some of Asia's largest shopping centers and the largest outdoor market of Asia. The city definitely has what it takes to entertain tourists from all over the world, both who are visiting it for the first time or the return travelers.


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It is because of Bangkok’s fascination for the tourists, this city received, in 2006, the second biggest number of tourists after London.


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Many big cities of the world have old and modern areas, like Delhi and New Delhi; old London and New London. In the same way, the city of Bangkok too has two parts or two capitals on its metropolitan area.

One is the historically important Rattanakosin, which was the fourth Thai Kingdom founded by king Buddha Yodfa. The other part is the modern Bangkok. Bangkok is dotted with royal palaces some of which are still occupied by the descendents of the royal family, some of them have been turned into government buildings and educational institutions, while the rest are thrown open to the tourists.


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