Gem Factory Shop & Museum Pattaya

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Gem Factory Shop & Museum Pattaya

The Gems factory of pattaya is a must visit if you ever go to Pattaya. They have a free hotel to gallery transfer and return facility as well. When you reach there, you will be given a very warm and comfortable welcome.

Inner view of Gem Factory Shop & Museum Pattaya

After that, you will be seated in a toy train and a simulation journey for the entire evolution is demonstrated while you remain seated in the toy train. This is extremely enjoyable, where you see how does a gem you wear in your rings or necklace is extracted.

. .Guide of Gem Factory Shop & Museum Pattaya

Then you reach at their workshop where you can see workers creating masterpiece jewelry. Once this is done, you enter their showroom which has 2 sections, Gems and Gold, and other one is Pearl section. After that, you will reach a rest zone, where you can have drinks (soft)/cofee or mocktails of your choice for free again. Photography inside the factory and gallery is restricted, as they are afraid of their designs getting pirated.

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