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Thailand's capital city for over 200years, Bangkok offers the international traveler a facinaing, sometimes chaotic rush of sensory atimulation exotic sights, world-class shopping, super spas, and splendid cuisine, plus a complex mix of the old and the new-from the centuries old temples to state of the art public transport.

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Local time GMT+7 hours. Thailand follows the western 12month calendar. Year designation, however, may be based on either the Gregorian, or Buddhist clender. The western year 2007 corresponds to the Buddhist year2550. Religious and seasomal ceremonies are based on the lunar calendar.


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Thai is the national language. Various regional dialects are also spoken. English is understood in Bangkok and major cites.


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Thai names and Spelling

As these is no standard for the Romanized spelling of Thai names and works, a variety of spelling may be encountered. In most cases, either a phonetic spellings or direct transliteration is used, resulting in silent "h"s and thus Thai street and place names may appear with a number of spellings.








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