Bang Lamphu Market (B4) Specialists in clothing, handbags, men's and ladies' shoes, cosmetics and curios. Bargaining is recommended.

Bang Lamphu Market

Bo Bae Market (Krung Masem Road) (C4) A wholesale clothing market where everything's sold by the dozen, Its buiest time is in the morning.

Chatuchak Weekend Market (D1) One of Asia's largest covered open – air markets with an incredible 15000 stalls and an equally incredible range of goods, including clothing, plants, household products, handicratts, ceramics, pets and leather goods. Great for browsing and bargain hunting.

Chatuchak Weekend Market


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Floating Markets – Thaling Chan. (A3) This famous Bangkok tourist attraction brings fruit and food merchants together in the early morning on the canal.


Floating Markets

Open only on weekends.

Flower Market (B5) Pak Klong Talad, one of Bangkok's major flower markets, is the perfect market for insomniacs; it's best to visit at 3:00 am. You'll find orchids, rare exotics, as well as different varieties of ginger and vividly colored chrysanthemums.


Flower Market

Pratunam Market (D4) A vast bazaar jam-packed with stalls and countless peddlers which attract large crowds. Also of intrests here are open –air restaurants, a shopping complex and the soaring Baiyoke Tower, the tallest apartment building in Southeast Asia.








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