Apart the night life, another international famous feature of Thailand is the Thai Massage. Those giving massages in Pattaya are properly trained and very skilled with their hands, offering a genuine muscle rehabilitation service.

It is said that the Thai massage was developed by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, physician to Lord Buddha, more than 2,500 years ago in India. From India, this art went to Thailand, where the Ayurvedic techniques and principles gradually became influenced by taditional Chinese medicine. For centuries, Thai massage was practiced by monks as one component of Thai medicine.

Thai Massage

Thai massage has been a special art for hundreds of years. It has been passed down from generation to generation and refined by practice. In Pattaya, massage is still alive and well and enjoyed by thousands of visitors and locals every day. The methods used for massaging are traditional and date back to Indian Ayurvedic practice which was originally developed by Buddhist monks almost 2000 years ago. The tourists can find massage shops all across Thailand, particularly in tourist areas such as Pattaya.


Having a Thai massage is an invigorating experience and eradicates all the aches and pains you get from travelling, water-sports and sitting on long bus and air journeys.

Spending an hour or two having your muscles pushed, pulled kneaded and relaxed does not cost much but refreshes you greatly. In Pattaya, Thai massage is liberally offered and this is an experience that a tourist should not miss. A two hour massage will cost you less than the price of a gym work-out at home. See list of recommended massage shops, further down this page.

Different types of Thai massage : There are three popular choices of massage in Pattaya.

Thai traditional massage: It involves the vigorous treatment of more than 100 points on the body. Applying hand pressure and the masseuse’s own body force, they aim to work specific pressure points and re-align energy lines in the body. An ideal and satisfying massage takes at least two hours and can be rather uncomfortable at times. But it leaves you feeling very relaxed.

Thai Massage with Nature

Oil massage: This kind of massage is gentler than Thai massage. It uses specially blended therapeutic oils and involves deep muscle tissue treatment. Although it leaves you a little oily afterwards, and you’ll need a shower to freshen up, yet this massage can be a very sensual experience.

Thai Oil Massage

Foot massage: It soothes the internal organs of the body through manipulation of pressure points on the soles of your feet in a very similar way to that of reflexology. This skill that has also been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years and it is very effective in producing a relaxing effect on the whole body. Foot Massage is widely available on the beach and at the Tuesday and Friday market on Soi Buakao, as it joins South Pattaya Road.

Thai foot Massage

Apart from the above massages, you can find, at many places, massages specialising in specific areas of the body such as the hands and head.

Thai massage mainly concentrates on some energy points in the body, known as ‘sen’. Although there are over 70,000 recorded sen in all, the Thai massage concentrates on about ten points. The Thai massage differs from other forms of massage as there is a focused spiritual aspect involved, and most properly trained masseuses say a short prayer before commencing in order to focus their own energy on your body.

Thai Body Massage

Some aspects of yoga have been incorporated in the massage, bending and twisting the torso to ‘reset’ the muscular-skeletal position. Most attention is given to areas which are most muscular, such as the thighs. The procedure is a slow and patient one. The masseuse will usually ask you if you prefer softer or harder massage. There aren’t many sudden brutal movements in harder massage, but the kneading can be quite painful, especially if your muscles are all tensed up.

Thai Massage

The Thai masseuse make the most of use of the, however, as with the fingers, indirect pressure is applied and the ball of the digit is used rather than the tip. A properly trained Thai massage practitioner usually avoids sensitive areas such as the knees. If you suffer from any ailments or chronic problems sensitive to body pressure such as a history of back pain, you are advised to receive your massage from a professional spa, where the masseuse will usually discuss with you beforehand any existing problems so as to avoid anything painful or harmful. The experts advise that one should not go for a massage directly after eating or if one is pregnant.


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